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In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the UP School of Economics last February 2015, UPSEAA awarded the first Outstanding Alumni Awards to the alumni with exemplary achievements in their chosen fields of endeavor that brought about substantial benefits to society and honor to the University. Two groups were recognized – first, special citations were given to the 4 luminaries who graduated before the founding of UPSE in 1965, and second, the 50 alumni who graduated 1965 onwards.

Recipients of UPSEAA
Distinguished Alumni Citations


Dr. Amado A. Castro ✝

B.S. BA. Economics, 1948

Dr. Amado A. Castro can be said to be the man who was present at the creation. 
He was the very first Dean of the UP School of Economics from its founding in
 1965 to 1973, during which he built a faculty known as the strongest in Southeast
 Asia. His work as a founding member and past president of the Philippine Economic Society in 1960, and as past President of the Pastoral Council of Sto. Cristo parish in San Juan, and on the board of San Martin de Porres Charity Hospital, exemplified his deep sense of caring and commitment to his students and fellowmen.


Dr. Gerardo P. Sicat

Cum Laude, A.B. Economics, 1958
M.A. Economics, 1958

Dr. Gerardo Sicat is a renowned economist, educator, and writer who organized the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) as its director general and led it until 1981. Many young Filipinos learned their early economics from his textbook Economics published in 1983. He returned to teaching at UP in 1998 where today he is Professor Emeritus of Economics.


Prof. Solita Collas-Monsod

A.B. Economics, 1959

Prof. Solita Collas-Monsod, Professor Emeritus of Economics, is a prominent educator, economist, broadcaster, writer, political analyst, and beloved public
 personality popularly known as “Mareng Winnie.” She
 has dedicated her life to molding young minds, to pushing for sustainable economic
 growth. Because of her commitment to teaching and public service and her unstoppable wit and enthusiasm, she was given the Most Outstanding Alumna Award for 2005 by the UP Alumni Association.


Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales

A.B. Economics, 1964

Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, appointed to her current post as the country’s top graft-buster in 2011, was Associate Justice of the Supreme Court from
 2002 to 2011. During the 2008 UP Centenary, she was conferred by the UPAA
 the Distinguished Alumni Award in Justice/Judiciary “for delivering justice with courage and untrammelled integrity—a shining paragon to all magistrates, worthy of emulation and respect.” She was named “Filipino of the Year 2014” by the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Recipients of UPSEAA Distinguished Alumni Awards (1965-Onwards)


Ms. Zorayda Amelia "Mel" C. Alonzo

M.A. Economics, 1970

Ms. Zorayda Alonzo is currently a Director of the Bases Conversion Development Authority (Philippines), BCDA Management and Holdings, Inc., and Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation. She is also the President of Spark! Philippines, an NGO composed of empowered women. Through her work in both the private and public sector in top management positions and her advocacies for gender equality and women empowerment, she has mentored, inspired, and nurtured the rise of Filipinas in senior leadership roles.


Sen. Pilar Juliana S. Cayetano

Cum Laude
A.B. Economics, 1985

Popularly known as “Compañera Pia” or “Pia,” Senator Cayetano is a champion of women rights, an advocate of health, a public servant, lawyer, entrepreneur, and tri-athlete. Her heart to give back is also seen through three foundations which she founded-- Pinay in Action, Gabriel’s Symphony Foundation, Inc., and Compañero Rene Cayetano Foundation. Her work and advocacy were recognized by different award-giving bodies in the international community, such as the Rising Star Award from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2013.


Governor Edgardo “Edgar” M. Chatto

A.B. Economics, 1981

Governor Edgardo “Edgar” M. Chatto is the 25th Governor of Bohol. He has been 
in public service for 33 years and was recognized as the Most Outstanding Mayor 
of the Philippines in 1991, Most Outstanding Vice-Governor of the Philippines in
 1997, one of the Ten Outstanding Boholanos around the World in 1998, and National Dangal ng Bayan awardee in 2011.
 Under his leadership, Bohol was awarded the Seal of Good Housekeeping by the Galing Pook Foundation.


Mr. Ferdinand K. Constantino

A.B. Economics, 1972

Mr. Ferdinand K. Constantino is the Chief Finance Officer,Corporate Information
 Officer, Senior Vice President, Treasurer, and Director of San Miguel Corporation
 (SMC), one of the country’s largest conglomerates. His financial management backstopped the group’s massive expansion and diversification, which required the quick, efficient, and judicious marshalling and use of cash resources and flows, and made SMC a stronger conglomerate well-entrenched in the Philippine economy.


Mr. Enrico “Eric” S. Cruz

A.B. Economics, 1977

Mr. Enrico “Eric” S. Cruz is Chief Country Officer (CCO) and Managing Director 
of Deutsche Bank AG Manila Branch, and concurrent Head of Corporate Banking
 & Securities. He is currently the Second Vice President/Director of the Bankers Association
 of the Philippines (BAP). He has led Deutsche
 Bank in playing a key role in the origination and distribution of capital market securities of top Philippine companies, financial institutions, and the Republic of the Philippines, helping develop the local capital market.


Dr. Emmanuel “Noel” S. de Dios

M.A. Economics, 1978

Dr. Emmanuel “Noel” S. de Dios is a founding member and currently serves 
as President of the Human Development Network. He has received the University’s Natatanging Guro award. Some of the work he has authored and edited, have received recognition from the National Academy of Science and Technology (Philippines), the Catholic Mass Media Awards, and the United Nations Development Programme.


Mr. Roberto “Bobby” N. Del Rosario

A.B. Economics, 1972

Mr. Roberto “Bobby” N. Del Rosario is a self-made businessman. He owns
 the Fisher Mall in Quezon City, the country’s first certified-green shopping mall,
; Fish Port Ice Plant, which supplies the requirements of the fishing industry; and the business that began in 1975 with one wooden fishing boat, Irma Fishing and
 Trading, Inc., which now supplies Metro Manila to North Luzon markets fresh fish year-round. He was recognized by the UPAA in 2014 as an Outstanding Alumni for entrepreneurship and job creation.


Governor Nestor “Nesting” A. Espenilla, Jr.

Magna Cum Laude
B.S. Business Economics, 1981

Nestor “Nesting” A. Espenilla, Jr. was appointed as the new governor of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) in May 2017. Before that, he was the Deputy Governor who headed the Supervision and Examination Sector, the banking and financial sector regulatory arm of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). He has played a critical role in designing and implementing financial sector reforms to clean up the banking system, strengthen corporate governance and risk management, upgrade the regulatory framework to global standards, and create an enabling environment for healthy competition and consumer protection.


Dr. Raul V. Fabella

M.A. Economics, 1975

Dr. Raul V. Fabella is a foremost economist and academic, conferred with the 
National Scientist Award in 2011. He was the Dean of the UP School of Economics
 and the Executive Director of the Philippine Center for Economic Development. His vigorous research on economic theory, agricultural economics, and international economics, as well as his introspection of current economic issues such as exchange rate policy, contributed to the formulation of development programs and the promotion of good governance.


Mr. Marcelo “Arcus” C. Fernando Jr.

Cum Laude
A.B. Economics, 1982

Mr. Marcelo “Arcus” C. Fernando Jr. is the Head of Group Treasury for SM Investments Corporation. Previously, he was the Citibank Managing Director for ASEAN Markets (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei), concurrent with being Managing Director-Country Treasurer of Thailand, then Managing Director-Country Treasurer of the Philippines. These posts are proof of Arcus’ mentorship, management skills, and
 renowned people skills. His staunch advocacy for education goes back to his high school days in Ateneo, and continues to this day.


Deputy Governor Diwa C. Guinigundo

Cum Laude
A.B. Economics, 1976

Deputy Governor Diwa C. Guinigundo heads the Monetary Stability Sector 
of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). Driven and dedicated, he helps the BSP fulfill its mandate of maintaining relatively stable prices of consumer goods and services. He has been hands-on in the conduct of seminars on money management and investments for OFWs and their families to help promote one of the advocacies of the BSP: promulgating financial literacy and credit innovation. He is also a senior pastor of the Fullness of Christ International Ministries, which he co-founded in 1986.


Dr. Elizabeth M. King

A.B. Economics 1974;
M.A. Economics 1976

Dr. Elizabeth M. King was Director of Education (2009-2014) and Vice-President of the Human Development Network (2013-2014) of the World Bank. As director, she was the World Bank’s
 senior spokesperson for global policy issues related to education in developing
 countries, and oversaw the development of the Bank’s current strategy for support 
to the education sector. She has published journal articles, books, book chapters,
and blogs on topics such as investments in human capital.


Supreme Court Associate Justice Marvic M.V.F. Leonen

Magna Cum Laude
A.B. Economics, 1983

Supreme Court Associate Justice Marvic M.V.F. Leonen is a distinguished
 educator, public servant, and peace negotiator. In 2010, he was appointed as the government’s chief negotiator
with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. He was appointed to the Supreme Court in the same year. Justice Leonen has cited economic principles in his opinions and written decisions, such as the concept of present value in the computation of just compensation for expropriation proceedings, and discussed public economic concepts and market theory as one justification for the passing of corporate rehabilitation laws.


Dr. Federico M. Macaranas

Cum Laude
A.B. Economics, 1967

Dr. Federico M. Macaranas, business advisor and consultant, public servant, and
 academician, is a full time professor at the Washington SyCip Graduate School of Business at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). In 2008, he was conferred The Outstanding Filipino or TOFIL Award by the Junior Chamber International Senate Philippines. His dedication and commitment to uplift the country shine throughout his four decades of involvement in economics, academe, international relations, social advocacy, business, and patronage of the arts.


Dr. Mahar K. Mangahas

A.B. Economics, 1962;
M.A. Economics, 1965

Dr. Mahar K. Mangahas is co-Founder and President of Social Weather Stations, a non-profit institute that specializes in surveys of the quality of
life and governance. Among his awards are the 2001 Helen Dinerman Award, the highest honor of the
 World Association for Public Opinion Research, for “championing the rights and 
freedoms of survey researchers in the Philippines” and 2011 University of Chicago Alumni Award for Public 
Service. for being “a powerful influence in helping to define a nation’s identity by demonstrating the public will through numbers.”


Dr. Felipe M. Medalla

M.A. Economics, 1976

Dr. Felipe M. Medalla is an incumbent member of the Monetary Board of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and a former member of the board of PNOC. He served as President of the Philippine Economic Society,
 and was a Co-Founding Fellow and Chairman of the Foundation for Economic
 Freedom, engaged in public advocacy for fiscal reforms and market-friendly gov't policies. He has written papers on a wide range of topics such as the economics of land conversion, population policy, and errors in the measurement of Philippine economic growth.


Atty. Oscar M. Orbos

A.B. Economics, 1971

Atty. Oscar M. Orbos is a prominent public servant, lawyer, and TV personality
 popularly known as “Ka Oca.” He authored the Kalakalan 20 Law, which aimed to remove bureaucratic
 restrictions and provide incentives for countryside barangay business enterprises
 with 20 or less employees. In 1989, he was recognized among the Ten Outstanding
 Young Men for Public Service and Legislation. He co-hosted GMA Network TV show’s Firing Line, with former Press Secretary Teodoro Benigno, and the popular interactive open talk show Debate with Mare at Pare, with Professor Solita Monsod.


Mr. Vicente “Vincent” S. Perez Jr.

B.S. Business Economics, 1980

Mr. Vicente “Vincent” S. Perez Jr., prominent investment banker, public servant, and businessman, is the founder and CEO of Alternergy Partners, a renewable power company, and Chairman of Merritt Partners, an energy advisory firm. Prior to his appointment as Secretary of the Department of Energy in 2001, he was one of the youngest and most successful Filipino investment bankers in New York, London, and Singapore. He champions environmental protection and sustainability through the utilization of alternative and renewable forms of energy.


Ms. Amina Zalmia Rasul-Bernardo

A.B. Economics, 1974

Ms. Amina Zalmia Rasul-Bernardo noted peace and human rights advocate,
co-founded and convened the Philippine Center for Islam and Democracy. She was
 named “Mindanao Peace Champion” in 2010 by the United Nations Development
Programme and “Muslim Democrat of the Year” in 2007 by the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy. She has been the voice of the community in advocating peace and democracy in Mindanao, exposing issues related to women, religion, and development.


Dr. Stella A. Quimbo

Summa Cum Laude,
B.S. Business Economics, 1991;
M.A. Economics, 1991;
Ph. D. Economics, 2000

Dr. Stella A. Quimbo is one of the Commissioners of Philippine Competition Commission. She was a full-time professor of the UP School of Economics, a Consultant of the Health Policy Development Program, and a Program Manager of UPECON Foundation’s Quality Improvement Demonstration Study. In her academic work, she focused on Public Health, Health Economics and Development. She was recently conferred the UP Scientific Productivity Award.


Mr. Hans B. Sicat

M.A. Economics, 1983

Mr. Hans B. Sicat was the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Philippine 
Stock Exchange (PSE) and the Securities Clearing Corporation of the Philippines.
 Under his dynamic leadership, the PSE 
has become one of the world’s top performing markets, and recognized as the Best
 Exchange in Southeast Asia in 2013. The PSE was named Outstanding Company on Corporate Governance in 2014 by Corporate Governance Asia.


Mr. Filomeno S. Sta. Ana III

A.B. Economics, 1977

Mr. Filomeno S. Sta. Ana III is the coordinator and founding member of the Action for Economic Reforms, a public interest organization that conducts policy analysis for sustainable growth, equitable and people-centered governance. A staunch supporter of socio economic reforms, he continually advocates policy proposals on key areas such as the Freedom of Information project, Sin Taxes where he collaborated with the government for the successful passage of reforms, and the institutionalization of an efficient and transparent public finance management.


Ms. Marilou Jane D. Uy

B.S. Business Economics, 1976;
M.A. Economics, 1979

Ms. Marilou Jane D. Uy is the Director of the 
Inter-governmental Group of Twenty-Four on International Monetary Affairs and
 Development (G24). She has worked on the financial sector, investment climate, and trade policy issues, covering the Latin America, Middle East, and Africa regions, and globally. Driven and highly professional, she is an inspiration to anyone who dreams of an international career and making a difference.


Mr. Victor “Vic” B. Valdepeñas

M.A. Economics, 1969

Mr. Victor “Vic” B. Valdepeñas was the President and COO of Union Bank of the Philippines, Chairman and President of Union Currency Brokers, Inc., Director of Union Properties, Inc. and Trustee of Insular Life Assurance Co., Ltd. A multi-awarded international banking and finance expert, he is cited by many senior bankers as their mentor. His recognitions include Most Outstanding UP Alumnus for Business Administration, one of Business World’s Wizards of the Financial World and Top 10 Bank CEOs/COOs, and Presidential Achievement Award from Money Market Association of the Philippines.


Mr. Orlando “Doy” B. Vea

Cum Laude
A.B. Economics, 1970

Mr. Orlando “Doy” B. Vea is one of the country’s foremost thought and practice
 leaders in technopreneurship, serially deploying massively-inclusive technology
 businesses that help equalize opportunities for all Filipinos. Among others, he
 founded Smart Communications, the country’s largest carrier now with 75 million
 subscribers, and the country’s largest taxpayer. He has been conferred a number of recognitions, including the UP Centennial Outstanding Alumnus Award in 2008. Giving back, Doy Vea, together with his family, has granted the UP School of Economics a Professorial Chair in Technology and Evolutionary Economics.


Bro. Ermelo “Melo” E. Villaroman Jr.

Cum Laude,
B.S. Business Economics, 1984

Bro. Ermelo “Melo” E. Villaroman Jr. is the youngest among
 the nine members of the International Council of the Couples for Christ (CFC) Global Missions Foundation, its highest governing body. In 2006, he joined on a full-time basis Gawad Kalinga (GK) Foundation,
becoming its president in 2009. Selfless and full of compassion, his leadership of and commitment to CFC helped the organization to grow so that it can continue to nurture the spiritual development of Christian families worldwide. CFC is now present in 128 countries.

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